different wavelengths of energy

Different Wavelengths

Ever feel like you’re on a different wavelength than certain other people? Well, you may indeed be vibrating on a different energy frequency. Perhaps your vibration is rising higher than people with whom you used to maintain fulfilling relationships, and you find yourselves drifting apart.

It could become more of a struggle to feel that old connection. Perhaps that’s disappointing, but it’s important not to descend back down into lower vibrations in order to maintain the status quo. Remember that you’re no better or worse than these certain people in your life. You’re just in different places now.

Energetically everyone is unique in their own way and shifting all the time. It’s just a matter of understanding the differences you perceive and deciding what feels like a good match. If people don’t respect your individuality, then you might be better off without them playing such a big role in your world.

Raising Your Vibration

Keep focusing on the positive thoughts, feelings and actions that raise your energy vibration. Using lots of Reiki can be of huge benefit if you know how to perform it. Keep yourself open to attracting new relationships into your life that serve your development at your present stage (wherever that is). Start where you are.

Lead by example and show as much love, understanding and forgiveness as you can to everyone. During the process of your own healing, you might even serve as an inspiration to others to expand their potential. But ultimately that timing is up to them. You certainly can’t force healing on them if they’re not ready.

It’s still possible to respectfully and compassionately meet people where they are (at whatever level of awareness and energetic vibration they have attained). But you don’t have to lower your frequency in the process by getting wrapped up in their dramas, affirming their fears, and engaging in gossip.

There might not even be any obvious negativity to sense that you’re just not “vibing” quite the same as you used to with certain people. Things could just feel different.

If a relationship is important enough, then of course take time to reflect on whether there could be an unspoken issue that needs to be addressed. But if there’s no obvious answer, then release the need to take it too personally if someone wanders onto a separate path.

Ultimately, we’re all heading in the same direction. No one will be left out.

“I am willing to let go. I release others to experience whatever is meaningful to them, and I am free to create that which is meaningful to me.” – Louise Hay

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