going with the flow

Going with the Flow

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “Just go with the flow,” and wanted deeper insight into how to really accomplish that.

With this blog post, I’ve just gone with the flow of channeling helpful information about that life strategy.

Too often we resist what is happening, what directions we are being led in. We want to control outcomes, control people, control situations. But what would happen if you just let go of some of that need, even for just an hour?

Simply with your intention, you can begin to accept that whatever is happening — wherever you are – serves some purpose in your personal development.

We all have the potential to find peace even in the midst of chaos (to literally find our “center”).

Trust that life is bringing you what you need right now. Trust that you have the ability to cope with anything that life brings your way.

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Letting Go

As you can imagine, attempting to control too much can be the opposite of going with the flow.

Often our desire to control too much is born out of good intentions. We think we know what’s best for other people. As we express those thoughts, others may hear our vocal volume rise as we say things like, “You should do this! You’ve got to go that!”

We can sometimes see so clearly what it seems others should do – perhaps what they need to study in school, where they should apply for a job, or how they need to change their diet.

But when we speak in a controlling fashion, they can begin to tune us out. The message – the good intention – is lost because we tried not only to plant a helpful seed, we sounded like we were growing impatient with the blossoming of the flower.

You can share good ideas, but others have to decide that’s what they want as well.

Knowing When

Can you just go with our own flow and allow others to go with theirs? Perhaps that can be challenging when our lives are so intertwined that we get swept up into their current, or when key business interests are at stake.

Perhaps at certain times, you do need to speak up and get people on board with a ship that won’t capsize.

But check in with yourself first. Do you really know what’s best for others in that moment? Maybe there are life lessons they need to learn, people they’re destined to meet.

Instead of focusing so much on what others are doing, perhaps it’s time to spend more time paying attention to our own personal direction.

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Flexible and Flowing

To move with the flow, flexibility is key. This flexiblity is important for not only our bodies, but also our minds.

How well are we adjusting to change? All we can really count on is change. How well we adapt to change has a huge bearing on our health and happiness.

Often resistance to change really is futile. At some point, there has to be acceptance of the situation on the ground, even though that reality may be different than the one in which we find our heads still stuck.

At times like those, the Serenity Prayer can be tremendously beneficial: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

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Analysis Paralysis

Can you trust your inner wisdom without overanalyzing? Of course, analysis and personal reflection are very important. But there’s the phenomenon of “analysis paralysis,” where we overthink things to the point where we can’t make a decision, interrupting our flow.

Are you regularly trusting your intuition or gut feelings? Or do you resist it and later hit your head, thinking, “I knew I should have gone the other way”?

Perhaps you made a poor decision in judgment, following a path that proved more challenging. But you need to go with the flow of that as well until you find safer ground.

Of course, that idea begs the question: “Are we ever really safe?” We never know what could be around the next corner. Of course, we can exercise our good judgment. But even on the most serene garden lane, a huge tree could fall on us right out of the blue.

At all times, we have to trust that when the time comes, we will flow naturally onto the next plane of existence, understanding that we’ve all got to go sometime. It can be amazing to behold people who’ve managed to flow as gracefully as possible through the process of disease and dying.

Focus Is Key

There are so many directions to choose in this life. But choice is key. You can flow all over the place, but ultimately find yourself just moving in circles. Or you can pick a specific path and follow along it with dedication.

Many successful people have said that instead of spreading themselves too thin (attempting too many business opportunities at once, for example), they ultimately struck gold by focusing on one area. And choosing it over and over and pursuing it relentlessly.

You can be focused on one major goal and still go with the flow. Go with the flow of knowing that you will find the right people and make shifts in strategies as needed as you continue on your quest.

Energy Current

past life swirlThere is energy all around us and it flows within us as well. When it becomes blocked, sometimes we suffer as a result. Parts of our bodies may not get the nourishment they need, impacting us health-wise. We may become mentally blocked about following through on next steps.

Releasing the need for perfectionism in outcomes is an excellent means of going with the flow.

If you’re a creative type, can you just go with the flow of words you write, the notes you play, the imagery you paint without too much second-guessing? Can you just become a channel for inspiration?

We can trust that we’re creating something of value – or at least learning something of value in our growth process – and release the need for it to turn out exactly like we planned.

It may turn out even better than we could have imagined if we can release our expectations of precisely how an outcome is supposed to look, sound and feel.


Your thoughts are flowing constantly (perhaps up to 50,000 a day), and you will flow along with those.

But if you find yourself stagnating in the same negative, unbeneficial thought pattern day after day, you can begin allowing your mind to flow to more helpful thoughts. Ones that make you feel good and motivate you to take actions that seem more and more natural as you trust yourself to follow your inner wisdom.

There is an ebb and flow to life, when periods of joy, excitement and momentum may be followed by melancholy and a need to flow down. Often during the ebbs, it’s good to reflect on what’s working or not in your life.

When the flow increases again, keep in mind that you don’t need to move a mile a minute. That’s often the road to burnout and the path of people who make decisions faster than they can consider the consequences.

At times when you feel like you’re pushing ahead too hard or resisting moving at all, you can sooth yourself with this wonderful Louise Hay affirmation: “I am flexible and flowing. I am open to the new and changing. Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to become more of who I am. I flow with life easily and effortlessly.”


Divine Guidance

Whenever I have questions about which directions I should take and how I should handle certain situations, I make it a regular practice to call on my Angels and Spirit Guides of Love, Light & Wisdom for insight.

I may take a pen to paper and write whatever comes through, or simply allow the words to flow into my head as I close my eyes in a peaceful state of meditation. By doing so, we can all open ourselves up to divide guidance.

Remember that wherever your flow of life should take you, you can always call upon your Higher Power for help.

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