Reiki Sessions

NOTE: After an extended sabbatical due to the Covid pandemic and some family obligations, I am preparing to resume services during the second half of 2023. Please check back. Thank you!

The goods news is that I’ve had great success interacting with clients from a distance. Read more about how these sessions work. Reiki can absolutely be sent remotely!

Whenever youReiki hands receive a Reiki healing touch session, you allow yourself to experience deep relaxation that is wonderful for reducing stress and achieving balance. The energy of the Japanese tradition called Reiki engages your body’s own natural ability to heal.

My Reiki studio is a soothing environment – softly lit and decorated with vibrant inspirational art – where you can begin to transform your energy and life. During your session, you will enjoy calming ambient music, the gentle babbling of a crystal-filled fountain, and the soft comfort of an extra-cushioned Reiki table.

If it’s pleasing to you, I can also employ aromatherapy, lightly spreading through the air the healing fragrances of essential oils (such as lavender or clary sage) that have been derived from purely natural sources.

Calm and Relaxed

Perhaps you can imagine how rejuvenating it will be to enter this calming oasis and rest peacefully on my healing table, wearing whatever kind of clothing feels most Reiki kanjicomfortable to you. We can set the temperature so that it’s ideally suited to your body’s needs.

After guiding you to relax yourself through some deep breathing, I will employ a series of gentle hand positions that focus Reiki (which means “universal life-force energy” in Japanese) from the top of your head right down to your toes.

Some of the hand placements will lightly touch the body while others will be held just above it (but still within the electromagnetic field of energy that completely surrounds you).

Universal Source

During sessions, I am not giving away my own energy. As a Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner, I am actually channeling this “universal life force” through me. The Reiki you receive through my hands helps to improve the flow of energy through your chakras (your body’s principle energy centers) as well as other areas in need of healing.

Reiki raises your overall energy vibration and helps clear your body’s energy pathways. Your body is very wise and knows exactly how to use this healing energy for your highest good (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) at the time of your sessions.


The body’s seven major chakras

Safe Space

We all have intuition, and you can feel secure in trusting your inner wisdom telling you that Wellspring Rejuvenation Center is a safe space for exploring your healing process.

I am an understanding, confidential listener. You are welcome to share as much information with me as you feel comfortable with concerning the life circumstances leading you to Reiki or my other services.

You may or may not have received a Reiki session before, but this experience could begin to sound exactly like what you need right now.

Unique Experience

What people experience during a Reiki session varies. Most people sense the energy as soothing heat or pleasant tingling, and some feel completely enveloped in radiant warmth.

As the energy helps break away negative feelings like tension and fear, people sometimes drift in and out of sleep or feel like they’re floating. My clients consistently report experiencing very peaceful states, and some have said that they’ve even seen meaningful visions through their mind’s eye.

As needed, I often complement the healing art of Reiki with a powerful energywork called La-Ho-Chi that is performed in similar fashion, as well as Shamanic healing techniques.

“I appreciated the Reiki session yesterday and came away feeling very calm and centered (as well as rather amazed by some of the things I experienced!) Thank you also for taking the time to talk about Reiki with me and for answering all of my questions.” – Dana P.

Intuitive Energy Readings

As someone with intuitive abilities highly developed through many years of performing this work, I regularly detect life issues that could be affecting your energy. third eye chakra with reiki

Every chakra in the body has physical, mental, and emotional associations, and each of these energy centers tells me a story about how you can achieve greater balance in your life.

At the end of sessions, I’m happy to share these intuitive impressions so that you can better understand consciously what your mind, body and spirit have probably been wanting you to hear. I can often tune into spiritual guidance intended specifically for you.

To book a 90-minute session ($80), you can reach me at 404-444-6924 or [email protected]

Complementary Services

Ultimately, my goal is to help you formulate a vision of your highest potential self and take the steps necessary to get you there. Many of my clients have found my short-term Hypnotherapy services beneficial on subsequent visits to start releasing deep-rooted mental and emotional patterns. I also offer Intuitive Life Coaching to help you in identifying and reaching your goals.

Reiki is one effective means of getting where you need to go. As I help you open up the flow of energy through your chakras, doors of opportunity literally open for you as well.

Of course, it’s your job to walk through them and keep that momentum going. Fortunately, you may find it easier to move through areas of stagnation in your life after the dissolution of blockages in your body’s energy pathways.

door of opportunity

Ounce of Prevention

For thousands of years, Eastern medicine has understood that enhancing the harmonious flow of life-force energy (“ki” or “chi”) is some of the best preventative care there is. But some people seek out Reiki because they are already suffering from a physical disease.

If you have particular health problems, I will certainly concentrate extra healing energy on those issues. Please note, however, that I do not offer medical diagnosis and I cannot guarantee a particular cure.

Reiki is not a substitute for your doctor’s care, but it can serve as a wonderful complement to Western medical treatments.

Encouragingly, preliminary evidence from some studies (as well as clinical observation) indicate that Reiki treatment can be beneficial for overall well-being as well as a range of health conditions. Numerous clients have told me much how they’ve benefited, which is the most important affirmation of all.

“I just wanted to thank you for the difference you have made in the way that I feel. Every day since I had my first Reiki session with you, I have been feeling stronger and healthier. The healing energy that you channeled has made a big difference for me. I really appreciate it all that you did.” – Sharon B.

Sacred Space

I perform sessions in my healing studio (conveniently located in Ormewood Park, just over a mile away from Grant Park and Zoo Atlanta). Sessions last 90 minutes, including plenty of time for questions and discussion before and after the table work.

Because I’ve created an ideal environment for Reiki, I highly recommend receiving this energywork in my studio. But if your health prevents you from traveling here, I might be able to come to you, depending upon your location and situation. Swans

Start Today

I wonder if you’ve really taken the time to appropriately nurture yourself lately. If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably given out a lot more energy at home and at work than you’ve gotten in return, haven’t you?

You could allow that energy depletion to continue, or you could take a positive step in the right direction today by scheduling a Reiki session. You’ll likely leave your appointment feeling lighter, freer, more centered, and better able to manage the challenges of life. You are totally worthy of this time spent on yourself.

As renowned spiritual counselor and author Louise Hay says, “Healing myself is the best thing I can do for others.”

Appointments: To accomodate clients’ work schedules, I’m available for sessions on weekday evenings starting at 6 p.m. (and sometimes at 8 a.m.). I’m available throughout the day on weekends, starting at 8 a.m. To make an appointment, call me at 404-444-6924 or e-mail me at [email protected]. I’ll provide you with directions to 1120 E. Confederate Ave., Atlanta, 30316.

To book a 90-minute session ($80), you can reach me at  [email protected]

I accept cash, debit/credit (MasterCard, Visa, American Discover, Discover) or check (made payable to Brad Dixon). Or you can pay in advance with PayPal below. Depending upon the distance and circumstances, I might be able to come to you for an extra $25.

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Reiki Studio with CatNote: My cat Kismet doesn’t really participate in sessions. But I want you to know that two delightfully social cats are in the vicinity. I can keep them out of the studio, but if you have a pet allergy (which can’t easily be controlled by an allergy med), or if you’re afraid of cats, or just don’t like cats, this may be not be the right space for you. The cats rule the roost. They just let me work here. I can happily provide referrals to feline-free practices if cats pose a risk to your health.

For more information, contact Brad Dixon at [email protected].

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Swan painting by Shijun Munns