When the Healing Happens

“The healing comes when you stop looking to someone/something else for validation and realize it’s up to you to love all the parts of yourself you or anyone else had previously rejected.

lotus in lake“That way you’re whole, integrated, self-reliant, and charismatic (have you ever seen anyone be charismatic when they are trying for another’s approval? Nope.)

“The healing happens when you turn your attention away from the material results and instead focus on churning out good and meaningful effort; this way you keep yourself in the current of forward motion.

“The healing comes when you turn toward your fear or pain and walk bravely toward it (not risking physical safety, of course); obstacles and resistance are only overcome by courage and sustained volition. (How else might you know your capability, after all?)

“The healing appears when you release your attachment (to a person or thing) realizing that only by letting go of specifics can you play in the field of infinite possibility. The healing takes place when you step into the role of healer — it’s you who holds the key.

“You are the one who can walk yourself through this doorway and into an empowered life.”

– Kathy Freston

Photo by Artur Synenko