Usui Reiki Master Class

NOTE: During the course of the Coronavirus outbreak, I am only offering Distance Sessions for Reiki, Hypnosis, and Intuitive Coaching.

The goods news is that I’ve had great success interacting with clients from a distance. Read more about how these sessions work. Reiki can absolutely be sent remotely! I will add class dates again when public health situation allows it.

As you strengthen your commitment to your Reiki practice after your Levels I & II training, you may become interested in taking your healing abilities to a much higher level.

You may find yourself increasingly fascinating by and attracted to the expanded possibilities afforded by the Usui Reiki Master training.

For me, the opportunity to take the Usui Master course came to feel as if a powerful healing magnet were drawing me to a certain destiny. I chose to trust that I was being led in the right direction, and I soon came to consider completing my Master training on April 21, 2002, as a major milestone in my personal growth.

Varying Goals

If you’re like me, you may feel guided to start serving the greater community with Reiki services. But many people pursue the Master training just to be of greater service to themselves and their inner circle of friends and family.

Whatever your particular goals with Reiki, the Advanced and Master attunements provided in the Usui Master class confer a large increase in energetic strength, helping you better help yourself and others.

“After taking the Levels I & II class with Brad, I later took his Usui Master class. To simply say that Reiki has changed my life would be an understatement. There is a calming clarity in my everyday life now. I am constantly using Reiki for everything, from dealing with stress to healing aching muscles to helping my plants. Brad is an excellent teacher. He is patient, and understanding, and he has a wonderful energy about him.” – Veronica S.

Calendar for setting Reiki, hypnosis appointments

Right Timing

I ask that students interested in taking this training work regularly with Reiki (either on themselves or others) for a minimum of 21 days after the Levels I & II training.

Why 21 days? Well, that is the same length of time that Mikao Usui, the founder of this healing system, spent at a Buddhist temple at Mount Kurama, Japan, during his spiritual awakening to Reiki.

A waiting period also helps give your mind, body and spirit time to adjust to your increasing ability to access very high vibrational frequencies of energy.

I personally only waited 21 days, because I just knew that Reiki was an important part of my life path. But my philosophy is that you’ll know when the right time is for you, whether it’s waiting six months or even a year. I say that we’re all worthy of being Reiki Masters.

Mount Kurama steps in Japan

Temple steps at Mount Kurama

Benefits of the Master Course

Upon completion of the eight-hour course, you are a Usui Reiki Master (with certification recognized by the International Center for Reiki Training and International Association of Reiki Professionals). In the class, you will:

  • Receive the Advanced and Master attunements (big boosts to your energetic strength and sensitivity).
  • Receive the three Usui Master symbols,  which will help you access even higher vibrations of healing energy.
  • Learn powerful aura-clearing techniques to visually guide others to release energy blockages in their bodies.
  • Experience the Reiki Master meditation for clearing the chakras and major energy channels of the body.
  • Practice a “law-of-attraction” style meditation for using Reiki to empower your goals.
  • Learn expanded techniques for sending distant healing energy, including the use of quartz crystals.
  • Explore methods for further developing your intuition as a healer.
  • Learn how to attune others to Reiki as a teacher.

In addition to the Usui Reiki Master manual from the International Center for Reiki Training, you will also receive an informative handbook produced by Wellspring Rejuvenation Center on How to Start Your Own Professional Reiki Practice and Develop Your Intuition as a Healer.

Reiki Hands

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the Master Reiki class. It was a very special experience, and I learned a lot. You are a great teacher!” – Patricia M.

Personalized Instruction, Ongoing Support

My class sizes are small, usually limited to four students, allowing plenty of time for personalized instruction to meet your needs.

An optional two-hour Refresher Followup session of one-on-one energy trading is included as part of the class at no additional charge. This Followup is a great opportunity to practice performing Reiki attunements. You can schedule it whenever you feel ready to return.

Preparing Master Teachers

Students who complete the Usui Master training receive ongoing guidance for if and when they are ready to start teaching others. To prepare for teaching, they are welcome to re-sit in space-available classes which they have already taken with me at a reduced rate ($80).

Many students of mine have enjoyed success growing their own Reiki practices around the Southeast and beyond.

In traditional Japanese Reiki, the Master level is called Okuden and a Master Teacher is Shinpiden. You can attain both through this training.

True Reiki Mastership is a process that will continually unfold like a lotus blossom over the years of your life, as you dedicate yourself deeply to the practice.

Lotus blossom

Class schedule for the one-day course:

Dates to be announced after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation improves.

If these dates don’t suit you, I can work with you on scheduling another time. For people unavailable on weekends, the class also can be divided into two weekday evenings (6 p.m.-9:30 p.m. each night).

Registration Details

If you’re visiting this Webpage, you may have been considering Usui Reiki Master training for quite awhile now.

You could keep putting it off, or you can go ahead and get the class on your calendar. Become a Usui Reiki Master, and make this a milestone year!

Please note: To sign up, e-mail me at [email protected], I’ll let you know if space is available in your desired class date. For the class, bring a bagged lunch and notepad. I’ll provide everything else you need.

Amount: The Usui Reiki Master class (plus the optional Refresher Followup) is a $395 investment in your future. To reserve your spot, the class requires a nonrefundable $100 deposit ((which can be applied to another class date if something unpredictable arises).

I accept cash, debit/credit (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) or checks (made payable to Brad Dixon). You can also use PayPal below, once you have confirmed me with that space is available in your desired class date. Beyond the deposit, paying in a few installments with checks is an option,

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For more information, contact Brad Dixon at [email protected].

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