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Claim your free phone consultation today! Hypnosis sessions are available in my Atlanta office (Distance Sessions available by phone or Skype).

NOTE: During the course of the Coronavirus outbreak, I am only offering Distance Sessions for Reiki, Hypnosis, and Intuitive Coaching.

The goods news is that I’ve had great success interacting with clients from a distance. Read more about how these sessions work. Reiki can absolutely be sent remotely! 

Hypnotic tranceYou may have considered seeking hypnotherapy before, and perhaps wanted a little more insight into how hypnosis can improve areas of your life.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist based in Atlanta, Georgia, I’m here to help you understand that in order to effect deep, lasting change in how you operate, it’s often very important to reteach your subconscious mind through hypnosis.

With your full waking conscious mind, you may completely realize that it’s past time to shed some undesirable habits. Or that fears surrounding certain situations are no longer necessary.

You may consciously understand that you possess enough personal power to exude more confidence, communicate more effectively, make healthier lifestyle choices, stop smoking, be more proactive, and greater trust your inner wisdom.

And yet, you may sense that something has been holding you back – maybe for many years now. That restrictive “something” could well be in your subconscious mind, the reservoir for your emotions, memories, habits, patterns reactions, and beliefs. The subconscious stores virtually every experience you’ve ever had.

Roots of Problems

Hypnosis/hypnotherapy brain wavesYour subconscious truly wants the best for you. But throughout your life, this vast data bank has probably downloaded a lot of unbeneficial programming from your parents, peers, and past experiences that hasn’t really served you well. 

A lot of it may not be true about who you really are. Or what you’re really capable of accomplishing.

Now that you have this enhanced understanding of subconscious programming, it’s probably not so surprising that you’ve experienced mental and emotional glitches – or even shutdowns – in certain situations. Almost as if “system error” messages suddenly flashed inside your head.

You may feel like certain areas of your life have gone a little haywire, but you’ve not been sure how to fix them. Or even known where to look inside yourself for solutions.

Help Is Here

Perhaps it would be okay with you if I helped you upgrade your mind now through hypnosis, guiding you to create and fulfill the vision of your highest potential self.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist working from my Atlanta office or by distance via phone or Skype, I’ve successfully helped numerous clients with a wide array of issues, from stopping smoking and losing weight to overcoming anxiety and building confidence to becoming more focused and improving work performance. Hypnosis can help improve your life in so many ways!

Through relaxing hypnosis techniques, we can more easily access your subconscious mind and together work to retrain your brain to function in some more beneficial ways, leading to more productive behavior.

positive thought word cloud

High Success Rate

Since graduating from Hypnosis Institute International in Atlanta in 2008 (and undertaking ongoing additional training), I have gained extensive experience and enjoyed considerable success working with hypnotherapy clients on numerous issues, such as:

  • Becoming a non-smoker (see link for additional perspective)
  • Building self confidence
  • Increasing communication ability
  • Losing weight
  • Managing anxiety
  • Heightening attention and focus
  • Increasing creativity
  • Freedom from phobias
  • Planning/acting instead of procrastinating
  • Overcoming test anxiety

“I wanted to let you know that I haven’t smoked at all and the craving is super weak. When the thought comes, it disappears just as fast. I really appreciate you.” – Donell J.

Free Consultation

Feel free to contact me for a free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss your goals. I can answer any questions you have, and you can see if working together sounds like a good fit.

As we talk about how hypnosis can help you, you can relax and feel safe, knowing that I uphold the utmost confidentiality.

You are welcome to contact me anytime at 404-444-6924 or [email protected]I may be available to talk immediately or we may need to schedule a consultation time to discuss your hypnosis program.

Calendar for setting Reiki, hypnosis appointmentsGetting Started

Through hypnosis, making meaningful shifts can be much easier than what you once might have been led to believe. Why wait any longer to start fulfilling more of your potential?

Many issues can be helped in one or two hypnosis sessions, but some goals might require more work, depending upon how deep-rooted they are.

Amount: Each 90-minute session is a $125 investment in your future. You can provide cash, check, or debit/credit (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover). Or you can use the PayPal link below.

Subconscious Mind Accessed by HypnotherapyThe Time Is Right

The good news is that your conscious mind (the logical, analytical part of your brain), has likely decided that it’s time to make some important changes in your life. That’s probably why you’re reading this Website right now, isn’t it?

As you learn more about this healing process, you will realize that it’s completely okay to seek help in making changes through hypnosis. You may have a lot of conscious will power, but it still may not be enough to completely overcome certain subconscious programming.

Even if your conscious mind truly wants you to change course in areas of your life, it can still be vetoed by old self-limiting beliefs echoing up mutinously through the subconscious.

The key is to bring your subconscious mind on board with what your conscious self wants to accomplish. Through hypnosis, I can help you right the ship, bringing your subconscious and conscious minds into better alignment and balance.

non-smoker breathingHypnotic Approach

Hypnotherapy is intended as a short-term process, so that you don’t have to keep coming here indefinitely. This is a different approach than psychotherapy, where talking about the same old issues over and over again might feel like reliving them repeatedly, keeping you stuck in the past.

While I can help you identify the root causes of issues, I can also help you shift your orientation away from regrets about the past or worries about the future. I can help you understand how your thinking in the present is the key to a better reality.

I like to quote renowned spiritual counselor and author Louise Hay who says, “The point of power is always in the present moment.”

self esteem developed by hypnotherapy“I cannot thank you enough for helping me and helping make my life so much better. Everyday has been so much different for me, and I cannot express in words how appreciative I am.” – Natalie L. (on overcoming job-performance anxiety)

Plan of Action

An initial hypnosis session in my Atlanta office includes a more in-depth discussion of the issues at hand. This information will help me formulate the best plan of action for your hypnosis.

I am a compassionate, confidential listener. You are free to share as much information with me as you feel comfortable with concerning the life circumstances leading you to hypnotherapy.

You can rest assured knowing that Wellspring Rejuvenation Center of Atlanta, Georgia, is a safe space for your healing process.

“I want to thank you for your much-needed help with the anxiety and panic attacks I was experiencing. I’m still doing well in that respect!” – Deborah H.

Relaxing Process

During hypnosis sessions, you’ll recline comfortably and be directed by the gentle sound of my voice to relax yourself through deep breathing and guided imagery.

The words I say will send a calming wave of relaxation from your head right down to your toes, while the gentle notes of zen music playing in the background will lull you deeper down into a state of inner peace.

Affirmative Solutions

positive thinking graphicAs you effortlessly and naturally enter the hypnotic state (a heightened or focused state of suggestibility), it becomes much easier for affirming suggestions about who you want to be to make a deep, lasting impression upon your subconscious.

Sometimes on a second or third hypnosis session, I use regression therapy to enable an adult re-examination of past situations that left a negative imprint. Your subconscious mind knows where to go to find the root causes of problems. Then we can teach that part of yourself more beneficial lessons than what you might have learned long ago.

I provide recordings of the relaxing and affirming parts of each hypnosis session so that you have a valuable tool to take with you. Regularly listening to these recordings helps reinforce the changes you want to make.

Hypnotic trace“I’ve been doing so much better! Also, I love the recording you made for me. Thank you! I use it to relax before bed.” – Kelly J.

You’re in Control

Essentially, all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, because it requires your intention to be hypnotized and your active participation. Contrary to depictions you might have seen in a movie or stage show, you are not blacked out or asleep during a hypnosis session.

You are aware of everything that is happening and cannot be made to do anything against your will. Your mind is guided to accept only those suggestions that resonate as right for you.

Holistic Approach

Depending upon the issues we’re working on, I often like to include some Reiki energywork into at least one subsequent session. Sometimes negative thought patterns and traumatic experiences can become deeply rooted in our bodies. Reiki helps clear those blockages to your body’s natural flow of life-force energy.

In addition, this energywork helps me intuitively perceive issues that are affecting your life balance. I can help you get closer to the heart of matters through information you might not have considered. Together, we’ll connect the dots.

My background as a Reiki Healer and Intuitive Life Coach enables me to take an integrated approach in helping you solve your life challenges. It’s what further distinguishes Wellspring Rejuvenation Center of Atlanta from some other hypnosis practitioners you might visit.

NOTE: For deeper insight into how your mind works (and how  you can easily be hypnotized), you can read the page How Hypnosis Works.

Subconscious Mind

“I’ve lost the weight! Listening to the recording you made has motivated me to keep working out, and I passed my fitness test for the Army Reserves. Plus, I’m much more conscious of what I’m putting into my body. Water is now my favorite beverage!” – Bonita D.

Act Now

Again, many issues can be helped in two to five sessions. Take advantage of your free consultation and contact me today. Let’s start discussing your great potential.

You can reach me at  [email protected].

Amount: Each 90-minute hypnosis session is a $125 investment in your future. You can provide cash, check, or debit/credit (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover). Or you can use the PayPal link below.

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