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Rejuvenation: Refreshening My Brand

I recently decided it was time to make a significant change. After some thoughtful reflection, I followed my intuition and modified the name of my practice. As of February 2014, what was once Wellspring Reiki & Hypnotherapy is now Wellspring Rejuvenation Center.

This change makes excellent sense to me as my practice continues to evolve. Of course, Reiki and Hypnotherapy are still primary services I offer. But I wanted a more expansive name to encompass the Intuitive Coaching services I also provide. As I work with clients over time, I usually employ all of these helpful strategies to help people heal from the past and thrive in the present and future.

When pondering a name change, the word “rejuvate” suddenly popped into my head. It can be defined as “to give new strength or energy to (someone else or yourself).” The word “rejuvenation” resonated so strongly with me that a branding decision that could have involved numerous brainstorming sessions took only minutes.

Evolutionary Process

I was relieved when a Google and trademark search turned up no other Wellspring Rejuvenation Centers. Of course, there are plenty of businesses around the country that incorporate Wellspring into their names somehow, but not using that particular name.

This wasn’t the first time that I’ve altered the name of my practice. After starting Wellspring Reiki in 2002, I amended the name to Wellspring Reiki & Hypnotherapy after completing my clinical hypnotherapist certification in 2008. That name worked well, but I think Wellspring Rejuvenation Center has a nicer ring and better reflects the holistic approach I take employing complementary strategies.

I feel rejuvenated just thinking about the promise of what the future holds for me in helping others – especially as I begin to undertake extensive training in Neuro-linguistic Programming and prepare to embark on The Shamanic Path through another program.

I’ve even optimistic that I might be successful in getting Facebook to allow me to change the name of my Wellspring page a second time (rules I don’t understand currently prohibit this if you have more than 200 fans). So for the time being, I’m still Wellspring Reiki & Hypnotherapy on that social media channel.

Please *like* me there regardless. 🙂

Copyright, 2014, Wellspring Rejuvenation Center

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